Kongregate is a developer and publisher of free-to-play mobile games based in San Francisco, US, with over 120 employees. The studio was initially founded as a web gaming hub, bringing together a community of millions of creators and players worldwide, but has since expanded to develop its own games. Kongregate’s games have generated over 250 million downloads and billions of game plays worldwide. Among its top titles are Animation Throwdown and Bit Heroes.

Kongregate values innovation in gaming and is expanding into blockchain and NFT games via its Bitverse Universe and Blood Vessels, working towards an integrated gaming experience that allows players to become owners of their gaming journey.

Bit Heroes Quest
Animation Throwdown: CCG
Markus Lipp
Max Murphy
Michelle Shaw
Jan Stieglich
SVP of Business MTG Investments
Katharina Greggersen
Sr Director of Product
Ryan Snyder
Head of Production