Creating a sustainable home for gaming entrepreneurs

Policies & Guidelines

Our vision

We are creating a home for gaming entrepreneurs to thrive and grow sustainably. Our home is supported by three pillars that guides us in our vision. We are to be long-term, inclusive & welcoming and proud & respectful.

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MTG is to be climate neutral. We want to take responsibility, for the impact we have on the climate and our target is to reduce our value chain emissions (CO2e) by 50% by 2030 to be in line with the Paris Agreement on limiting global warming to 1.5-degrees.

You can read more about how we keep track of our ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT , the target and what our gaming studios do to further the ambition of climate neutrality.

Inclusive & Welcoming

MTG is to enhance a more diverse workforce. We are committed to creating a home where everyone  is included and feel welcomed. All our employees, and external stakeholders are important to us and we want to further our commitment to respecting human rights and our efforts within Diversity, Inclusion and Equality (DE&I). Our target is to reach a gender balance of 40% female and non-binary representation out of the total workforce.

MTG is to improve the organizational health. We want to provide workplaces that are welcoming and attractive to ensure we retain our skillful and passionate employees and attract new talents. We believe that with continuous improvements to our organizational health, we can create a home that is resilient and healthy.

You can read more about our work within DE&I, how we are keeping track of our WORK ENVIRONMENT and how the studios are GIVING BACK TO COMMUNITIES in the countries where we operate.

Proud & Respectful

MTG is to ensure strong sustainability governance. With great games comes great responsibility, a responsibility that includes the protection of minors and to conduct business with respect and integrity.

The basis for all our work is the UN GLOBAL COMPACT PRINCIPLES and its FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION STANDARDS set by the UN’s International Labour Organization (ILO). Our open attitude ensures that employees are free to join unions or bargain collectively. We endeavor only to work with suppliers who also respect and enforce human rights.

You can read more about how we DO BUSINESS WITH INTEGRITY and PROTECT THE DATA AND PRIVACY of our players. Our employees and suppliers maintain the high standards of behavior that are set out in our POLICIES & GUIDLINES.


GDPR compliance

Modern Times Group MTG AB and its subsidiaries are bound by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our policy is to comply with the GDPR. This includes telling our customers about the ways and purposes for which we collect, hold, use or disclose personal information.

To respect our customers’ privacy, we:

  • Implement and maintain procedural, computer and physical safeguards to protect the security and confidentiality of the personal data we collect
  • Limit the personal data collected to the minimum required to provide a better service
  • Delete or anonymize personal data as soon as possible
  • Permit only properly trained employees to access personal data
  • Do not disclose personal data to external parties unless the customers have agreed to it or we are required by law to do so

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Core Policies

It’s always good to establish some ground rules. And these are upliftingly no-nonsense. Even if we do say so ourselves. MTG’s Code of Conduct and MTG’s anti-corruption policy outline our views on leading a successful and responsible business.

MTG Code of Conduct

MTG Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy


Something’s not right? You can sound the whistle through MTG’s Whistleblower channel.

Our Whistleblower policy outlines how to sound that whistle and our Privacy notice on Whistleblowing clarifies how personal data is processed within the whistleblower channel.

MTG Whistleblower Policy

MTG Privacy notice on Whistleblowing

Supplier Code of Conduct

Do the right thing and we’ll do right by you. It’s pretty simple really.

MTG Supplier Code of Conduct

Modern Slavery Act Statement

All forms of modern slavery, forced or child labor, exploitation and discrimination are prohibited at MTG, and since we are committed to doing business ethically and responsibly at all times we have prepared this statement in relation to the UK Modern Slavery Act.

MTG Modern Slavery Act Statement

Privacy Policy

To read more about our Privacy policy, Click here.