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Overview & Highlights

We are proud of our employees– the core and strength of our business. Equality and diversity are part of our key priorities. We aim to diversify our workforce and audience while promoting equal opportunities and inclusion for everyone – regardless of gender, age, nationality, race, religion or political opinion. If something isn’t what it should be, we empower our employees and our audience to speak up. We are committed to creating a fun and inclusive culture while providing a safe and healthy working environment that helps people thrive and develop at MTG.

Diversity in esports

ESL Gaming launched #GGFORALL an initiative designed to tackle discrimination, promote mental wellbeing and progress environmental sustainability in esports

Development and well-being of employees

InnoGames takes care of employees’ development and well-being by offering apprenticeship programs, learning courses and ‘Health days’ to boost employee well-being.

Unconsious bias training

ESL Gaming, Hutch, InnoGames and Kongregate have all implemented actions in 2021 to increase awareness on unconscious bias in recruitment, leadership and in day-to-day activities.

Promoting diversity

At MTG, we promote all aspects of diversity and we are proud to be represented by 50 nationalities within the Group.

We take a holistic approach to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

We know that companies who treat their employees equally, have a diverse workforce, and include everyone, are more creative, innovative and competitive than those who don’t. Today, 50 nationalities are represented at MTG. 76% of our employees are male and 24% are female. We are less diverse at the management levels with a gender split of 17% females and 83% males, so we are working hard to create an inclusive and open culture free from any form of discrimination or unconscious bias.

In 2021, we have continued to provide training to employees of all levels in for example unconscious bias, recruitment and leadership to ensure everyone is given equal opportunities to develop and to feel welcomed at our workplaces. Ongoing competence and career development are in the interest of both employers and employees. All our companies provide individual career development reviews for every employee on at least an annual basis. In 2020 95% of all our employees received at least one review.

Female and non-binary employees are under-represented in the technology and gaming industries. We want to be an active part in changing this, including changing the perception that technology and gaming industries have working conditions that aren’t family-friendly. We need a diverse workforce to understand and develop products that attract global consumers. To encourage young females to get interested in the digital world at an early age, our companies work together with local universities and schools to increase the interest in tech and to showcase all future opportunities.

Our employees are the core and strength of our business

We believe that our employees are the core and strength of our business. We want them to develop and thrive in their career, so we invest in them with continuous training, talent and leadership programs.

Inspiring leadership and a well-managed team are essential factors for success. Key contributing factors to high team efficiency are: feeling respected by colleagues and managers, functioning cooperation and an open environment. Like any company, we have areas that need extra attention to make us even better, such as more information sharing, greater clarity when it comes to overall goals and more follow-up.

In our recruitment processes, we’ve taken extra measures to protect equal opportunities and ensure that we attract a diverse workforce, for example by posting our job ads in English and adjusting the language to attract diverse talent. Of all our employees 15% were new hires at MTG in 2020, with 5% women and 15% men. When it comes to internal recruitment and job promotions, our gender split is 20% women and 80% men.

We support work-life balance and continuously try to challenge ourselves and improve conditions, including offering flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home. In most markets, we use English as the official language for increased inclusion and mobility across markets and businesses. We encourage all genders to take parental leave. Looking at the gender split amongst our employees going on parental leave a total of 75% men and 25% women took parental leave in 2020.

The Head of Data Protection together with each companies Data Protection champion are responsible for our information security in close collaboration with Risk & Compliance and Legal when needed.

The Data Protection team develops and delivers the Risk Management Framework, which is governed by the risk management policy, as well as group-wide training on relevant topics. The risk work streams dictate the governance structure which is made up of information security, security operations, resilience, IT security, content protection, people, regulatory and business risks.

The governance committee monitors the group-level risks and risk-related activities and oversees the implementation of controls. It also supports and controls the risk framework as well as provides guidance, and escalating issues to the MTG Board of Directors and the executive management.

The role of the audit committee is to evaluate and challenge the risk framework. They measure and evaluate the impacts of the workstreams against set KPIs.

Throughout our esports vertical, we continued to improve and uphold a high standard for our event security. All our events are managed by a Project manager with the overall responsibility to oversee and govern the safety and security at our events, together with local law enforcement experts. All employees and volunteers receive information and guidelines on how to work safely at an event as well as how to report any misconduct or other incidents that may arise during the events.

The Co-CEO and Founder of ESL, Ralf Reichert, and Co-CEO of DreamHack, Marcus Lindmark, both agree that: “The safety and security of attendees, partners, and staff at our events is paramount. Therefore, we work very closely with venue security and local authorities to ensure we implement best practices in line with other sports and entertainment events.” Marcus adds, “We want everyone to be able to focus on the great experience they came for.”

Doing more

Our businesses influence millions of people every day, through our broadcasting and streaming platforms, esports tournaments and LAN festivals, and games that we develop and publish. Through the variety of platforms and interactive spaces, we engage with audiences of different backgrounds. We want to use our reach and competence to give back to the communities we interact with and contribute to the societies that are directly and indirectly affected by our products and services. During 2020, we donated and helped raise over 1.1 million SEK.

InnoGames supports school digitalization

In an increasingly digital world, schools need digital learning tools. During 2020, InnoGames donated over 80 computers, tablets and IT equipment to local schools and youth centers in northern Germany to enhance their capabilities to teach remotely and support their digital transformation.

Kongregate supports food and direct relief programs during the pandemic

In 2020, Kongregate donated money to food programs and provided direct relief to support local communities at a time where food and health services were limited.

ESL promotes more inclusive gaming by ‘Good luck, have fun’

By working with AnyKey on the ‘Good luck, have fun’ pledge, ESL contributes to a more inclusive gaming and esports community regardless of gender, race, disability and belief. “There is increasing awareness around the cultural patterns of toxicity and harassment in gaming that disproportionately impact marginalized players,” said Morgan Romine, Director of Initiatives, AnyKey. Twitch users that have signed up to the pledge receive a chat badge to display on their account to show their commitment.

DreamHack raises awareness on recycling together with 'Pantamera'

Together with Pantamera (a Swedish PETrecycling company), DreamHack raises awareness on recycling and collects money for charity. In 2020, a talk show was produced in a DreamHack studio where esport players were interviewed and played games, all with the purpose of raising awareness on recycling.