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MTG is on a journey of creating the broadest portfolio of young businesses in online gaming and esports.

By supporting high potential ideas and talented teams behind them, we are strengthening the gaming sector from within and scaling innovative solutions that benefit players, fans and a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

A values-driven company with entrepreneurial culture, we offer start-ups a meaningful partnership that stretches far beyond capital investments. It includes access to a powerful network, key industry influencers and a broad range of expertise in building sustainable businesses.

MTG supports over 10 start-ups in the US and Europe, and has an international presence from San Francisco to Berlin.


BITKRAFT Esports Ventures is the industry’s first early stage investor solely dedicated to nurturing esports.

Established by a Godfather of esports and led by high profile consultants and executives with previous experience from Apple, ESPN and McKinsey, BITKRAFT scouts and scales companies that create value for esports players, fans and stakeholders around the world.

Active in North America, Europe and Asia, BITKRAFT supports 19 startups and has offices in Berlin and Los Angeles.


Blitz Esports are behind an esports learning app for the League of Legends, Overwatch and CS:GO fans.

Blitz’s desktop coaching app is the first fully automated coaching tool for the League of Legends players. Coined as the first seamless “robo-coaching experience” for PC gaming, this app helps to improve playstyle, choose the right tactics, see relevant statistics and get performance assessments after each game.

Blitz has been acquired by a gaming voice and text chat platform, Discord.


Runtime is a performance nutrition company in gaming and esports. It’s a rich and balanced solution for a fast, easy and tasty meals that promise to improve players’ endurance, strength and concentration.

Runtime meals and drinks use an innovative technology and are developed and manufactured in Germany.


Sviper is a mobile games studio based in Hamburg, Germany. Led by three seasoned game developers, the studio is behind Super Spell Heroes – a real-time one-to-one duel that sees wizards and elemental powers clash on a journey through magical realms.

Available for free on iOS & Android, the game offers premium bundles to evolve spells and unlock new characters.

Tonk Tonk Games

Tonk Tonk is an Austin based games company led by a distinguished team of game and animated film veterans. Their  competitive real-time game uFighter uses digitised avatars to create a highly personalised gaming experience.

Scheduled to release in 2019, uFighter is an esports title that features spectating mode, clan battles and social integration. Players engage with people they know personally through highly expressive, customised 3D facial animations generated from uploaded selfies.

With the card collection mechanics and multiplayer gameplay, Tonk Tonk innovates in the fighting genre so far underrepresented in esports.

Phoenix Labs

Phoenix Labs is an independent game studio that creates original AAA multiplayer titles. Their first game, Dauntless, currently in open beta on PC, is a co-op action RPG available in 6 languages.

With locations in Vancouver (BC) and San Francisco (CA), Phoenix Labs consists of a diverse and dedicated team of developers passionate about putting players at the heart of the games they create.



Volley is the leading developer of voice-controlled games for smart speaker platforms like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Volley is based in San Francisco and has enjoyed a rapid adoption from amused users all over the world, which prompted their games portfolio expansion to 12 original titles, including the most popular voice game on Alexa, Song Quiz. Volley’s games can be played solo (with a live opponent randomly selected from anywhere in the world) or in a group, whether at a house party or a family gathering.

Volley’s games span multiple genres, including casual and RPG, have 5-star consumer reviews on Amazon and Google Play and are as easy to play as saying “Alexa, enable Volley Family Trivia” or “Hey Google, open Math Showdown”.

Play Venture

Play Venture is a Helsinki and Singapore based VC that invests in games and game services start-ups. Founded by well-known games entrepreneurs with a combined background from Nonstop Games, King and Rocket Pack, as well as experience in angel investments and pre-seed accelerators, Play Venture have a global outlook and an eye for promising new gaming genres.


Nomadic blur the lines of physical and virtual by creating location-based and highly tactile virtual reality experiences. Their first VR center opened in Orlando (Florida, US) and offers an adaptation of a popular Arizona Sunshine arcade.

Combining VR tech with gripping storytelling, Nomadic creates immersive adventures in purpose-built spaces, breaking the stereotype of passive solo-player VR experiences.

So what is it like? Nomads lift objects, open doors and have physical sensations, like wind. Both their body and mind are tested by balancing and puzzles, while wearing a VR backpack and a headset.


Metaverse is a tool that enables creation of augmented reality experiences for fun, navigation, learning and all kinds of business purposes.

Whether it’s a live game or an interactive story, Metaverse mixes virtual content with the user’s surrounding through their mobile device. Built through a user-friendly interface that requires no special skills on either desktop or iOS, these immersive stories have a power to gamify physical spaces and customise multi-player gaming experiences.

Headquartered in San Diego, Metaverse team is spread across San Francisco, New York and Barcelona.


AppOnboard is a platform for creating “full-fidelity” mobile demos for apps and games. AppOnboard empowers developers and publishers to showcase their apps, while enabling mobile users to experience new content before downloading. This technology now powers a ‘try now’ button on the Google Play Store.

AppOnboard is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in San Francisco, Seattle and London.


Playfull is a promotional platform that connects food chains and gamers based on geo-targeting.

Playfull’s customers play casual games to earn points, coupons and discounts towards orders at participating restaurants nearby, including Chipotle, Subway and Coffee Bean. This app rewards both foodies and food brands with high return rates and customised promotions.

The Playfull team is based in Los Angeles.




Mobcrush is a tech company based in Santa Monica, that’s behind a live streaming solution for mobile gameplay. Mobcrush enables players of all sizes to stream their gameplay live on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Mixer, and Mobcrush, connect with their fans and receive unique sponsorship opportunities.


Boom is a leading esports entertainment platform that connects influencers and their communities.

Boom enables gamers to bring interactive content to their live streams and engage their audiences on a whole new level, while monetising on this interaction. From voting to betting to winning prizes, Boom’s tools are used by thousands of influencers on Twitch and reach millions of online users.

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