MTG launches new share repurchase program which starts on 20 June

MTG launches new share repurchase program which starts on 20 June

June 17, 2022
18.45 CEST
STOCKHOLM — Modern Times Group MTG AB (publ) (“MTG”) today announced that the Board of Directors has decided to launch a new share repurchase program. The Group’s intention is to begin bying back shares on Monday 20 June.

MTG currently has a strong balance sheet thanks to the previously announced completion of the divestment of ESL Gaming. The group has the intention to return at least 40 percent of the net proceeds to its shareholders, with the rest of the proceeds to be used to strengthen MTG’s position in the global gaming market and continued execution of strategy.

The group’s Board of Directors has therefore decided to launch a new share repurchase program. This program is part of the commitment to return approximately at least 40% of the net proceeds from the divestment of ESL Gaming to the group’s shareholders. This intention spans the SEK 125 million share repurchase program in May and June, and the ongoing SEK 2,767 million share redemption plan. The ambition is to repurchase shares for a total amount of up to SEK 200 million, until 20 October 2022.

The bought back shares shall be cancelled through a reduction of the group’s share capital. This requires an approval from the Annual General Meeting, and the Board of Directors intends to seek such approval at the Annual General Meeting 2023. The value of the program (if utilized in full) equals 2.2 percent of MTG’s current market cap (calculated on the basis of all MTG A and B shares excluding the shares held in treasury and redemption shares).

The Board of Director's view is that the share repurchase program will provide a flexible and a sustainable increase in the value created for MTG’s shareholders.

The share repurchase program is being carried out in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 (”MAR”) and the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 2016/1052 (the “Safe Harbour Regulation”). The share repurchase program will be managed by Nordea Bank Abp which will make its trading decisions regarding the timing of the repurchase of MTG’s shares independently of MTG.

The share repurchase program is subject to the following terms:

  • Share repurchases can be made between 20 June 2022 and 20 October 2022. MTG will repurchase shares for a maximum amount of SEK 200 million during this period.
  • Repurchases are to be made on Nasdaq Stockholm and in accordance with Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rule Book for Issuers, MAR and the Safe Harbour Regulation.
  • Repurchases of shares on Nasdaq Stockholm are to be made at a per-share price within the registered interval for the going rate at any given time, which denotes the interval between the highest purchase price and the lowest selling price.
  • According to the authorisation given at the Annual General Meeting on 8 June 2022, MTG’s holding of its own shares may not at any time exceed 10 percent of the outstanding shares in MTG. The total number of outstanding shares currently amounts to 234,030,110. MTG currently holds 2,717,496 B-shares and 12,648,686 C-shares in treasury (15,366,182 own shares in total) which today means that a maximum of 8,036,829 shares may be repurchased until 20 October 20221.
  • Payment for the shares will be made in cash.

1The shares of MTG have following the AGM of 2022 been subject to a share split 2:1 as a first step in the share redemption plan. As a final step in the share redemption plan the number of shares will be restored to the number prior to the AGM of 2022 following a share redemption. Thus, the maximum number of shares that may be repurchased following this step will be 4,018,414.

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