We are an international company, acting on a global scene. As such, our identity rests on highly motivated media and entertainment professionals with diverse backgrounds. Diversity is something we not only strongly believe in – it is a prerequisite for being one of the leaders in our industry.

But although we are different, we are one. We are bound by experience, expertise, and a shared company culture. The spirit of MTG is a spirit of being young at heart, curious, entrepreneurial – and of taking responsibility. Our brilliant people carry these values and make this culture a reality.


We are fast and decisive, confident and committed. We take intelligent risks and are in control of what we do. We make things happen by having a winning mindset, and that’s how we stay ahead of the game.


We have an entrepreneurial and restless mind, and we are always reaching for more. We push boundaries and are always evolving. We are competitive to the core, because it’s in our DNA.


We are charismatic, spirited and vibrant. We are curious and naturally creative. We are known for our energy and our passion for entertainment. We care deeply about our work and are driven to make life better and more fun.


We seek to capture the hearts and minds of our viewers. We care about the small details and take time to create memorable experiences. We work and learn together, connecting and sharing ideas.

Join us!

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