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We are proud of our employees– the core and strength of our business. Diversity, equality and inclusion are part of our key priorities. We want to diversify our workforce and player base while promoting equal opportunities and inclusion for everyone – regardless of gender, age, nationality, race, religion or political opinion. If something isn’t what it should be, we empower our employees and our players to speak up. We are committed to creating a fun and inclusive culture while providing a safe and healthy working environment that helps people thrive and develop at MTG.


Our Code of Conduct and Anti-discrimination & harassment policy clearly states the ambition to create and promote diversity, equality and inclusion within MTG and our portfolio companies and to maintain a safe working environment that promotes physical and psychosocial well-being.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

We know that companies that have a diverse workforce, who treat their employees equally and include everyone, are more creative, innovative and competitive than those who don’t. We also need a diverse workforce to understand and develop products that attract global consumers. To encourage young people to get interested in the digital world at an early age, our companies work together with local universities and schools to increase their interest in tech and to showcase all future opportunities.

Female and non-binary employees are under-represented in the technology and gaming industries. We want to be an active part in changing this, including changing the perception that technology and gaming industries have working conditions that aren’t family-friendly or sustainable over time.

We want and need to improve on our gender representation; therefore we have a target of reaching a 40% gender balance of employees that identifies as female and non-binary in the workforce. We recognize that diversity includes multiple aspects beyond gender, such as nationality, age and languages spoken, among other things. We decided to focus on gender following our materiality analysis conducted in spring 2022.

Enhance a more diverse workforce

In 2022, 28% out of our total workforce identified as female and non-binary. At a middle-and top management level, the representation decreases to 18%.

Our target is to annually increase the representation and reach a level of 40% representation of employees who identified as female and non-binary. We will measure and report on our progress from EOY 2022.




The Head of Data Protection together with each companies Data Protection champion are responsible for our information security in close collaboration with Risk & Compliance and Legal when needed.

The Data Protection team develops and delivers the Risk Management Framework, which is governed by the risk management policy, as well as group-wide training on relevant topics. The risk work streams dictate the governance structure which is made up of information security, security operations, resilience, IT security, content protection, people, regulatory and business risks.

The governance committee monitors the group-level risks and risk-related activities and oversees the implementation of controls. It also supports and controls the risk framework as well as provides guidance, and escalating issues to the MTG Board of Directors and the executive management.

The role of the audit committee is to evaluate and challenge the risk framework. They measure and evaluate the impacts of the workstreams against set KPIs.

Doing more

Our businesses influence millions of people every day through our games that we develop and publish and the social platforms provided to our players. Through the variety of platforms and interactive spaces, we engage with audiences of different backgrounds. We want to use our reach and competence to give back to the communities we interact with and contribute to the societies that are directly and indirectly affected by our products and services. During 2022, we donated and helped raise over 3,835 KSEK and our employees conducted over 26 hours of volunteer work.