Annual General Meeting 2007

Modern Times Group MTG AB’s 2007 Annual General Meeting was held in Stockholm on 9 May 2007 and voted to support all of the resolutions proposed to the Meeting. The Meeting resolved to re-elect Asger Aamund, David Chance, Nick Humby, Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, David Marcus, Cristina Stenbeck and Pelle Törnberg as members of the Board of Directors, and to elect Mia Brunell as a new member of the Board of Directors.

The Meeting also approved the procedure for the nomination of members of the Board Directors to the 2008 AGM. The Nomination Committee, which will be convened by Cristina Stenbeck and consist of at least three members, will be formed during the Autumn of 2007 in consultation with the largest MTG shareholders at that time. The composition of the Committee will be communicated in the Group’s interim report for the third quarter and nine months ended 30 September 2007.

The Meeting also approved the appointment of Ernst & Young as Auditor, and the appointment of authorised public accountant Erik Åström as principal responsible auditor, for a period of four years. The 2006 Annual General Meeting approved the appointment of KPMG Bohlins AB as Auditor, with authorised public accountant Carl Lindgren as principal responsible auditor, for a period of four years.

The Meeting approved the Board of Directors’ proposal that a dividend of SEK 7.50 per share be paid to all shareholders as at the record date of 14 May 2007, and that the remainder of the Group’s retained earnings for the year ended 31 December 2006 be carried forward into the Group’s accounts for 2007.

Proposal to the 2007 AGM
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