Founded in 2007, InnoGames has grown to be one of Europe’s most influential developers and publishers of mobile and online games. The company, based in Hamburg, is best known for Forge of Empires, Elvenar and Tribal Wars. InnoGames’ complete portfolio encompasses seven live games and several mobile titles in production. The hit games from InnoGames have created passionate engagement in many communities and many languages around the globe.

About InnoGames

It all started with the sketch of a village when brothers Hendrik and Eike Klindworth and their childhood friend Michael Zillmer sat together in 2003 to create a browser game they could play with their friends. What started as a hobby soon became the classic strategy MMO Tribal Wars which, after 17 years, is still loved by players around the globe.

Due to the huge success of the game, it became clear that this was more than a hobby and InnoGames was founded in 2007. With a focus on sustainability, more team members were hired, and new games created, including global hits like Forge of Empires and Elvenar.

Having started as a browser game company, InnoGames soon began introducing apps for existing games to offer players the option to play on different platforms. Today, players around the world can enjoy their favorite games anytime, anywhere and the company’s cross-platform expertise helped to successfully master the transition to mobile which is the natural technological evolution and is fueling future growth.

Since day one, InnoGames has demonstrated consecutive double-digit growth year over year and has passed several strategic milestones. One of them was the global strategy hit Forge of Empires surpassing the 500m EUR lifetime revenue mark in November 2019, boosting the company’s lifetime revenue to 1 billion EUR that same year. The title belongs to the most successful games within the city-building strategy genre. InnoGames’ whole portfolio consists of an iconic set of seven live games and several mobile titles in production. The pipeline of new games shows that InnoGames has more in store for the coming years thanks to InnoGames’ outstanding expertise in user acquisition, game design, live operations and business intelligence strategies.

In December 2020, InnoGames’ founders announced the launch of a new gaming group together with MTG.  InnoGames and MTG share a successful long-term relationship and aligning even closer will allow for the development of a strong game group together with a clear focus on free-to-play casual and mid-core games. Moving forward, InnoGames experience and expertise will benefit all of MTG’s gaming vertical companies.

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Hendrik Klindworth, CEO & Founder of InnoGames
German, born 1983

Hendrik Klindworth is Co-founder and CEO of InnoGames. He founded the company with his brother Eike Klindworth and childhood friend Michael Zillmer in 2007 after having used their own pocket money to create their first browser game Tribal Wars in 2003. Hendrik began programming at the age of 14 and went on to study IT with a focus on Information Systems and Software Engineering at the University of Oldenburg before he dropped of university due to the huge success of Tribal Wars.