Viaplay and SVT are to co-produce a new drama

February 25 2016

A historic cooperation between MTG and SVT brings Viaplay in as a co-producer of the network’s biggest drama of all times, “Vår tid är nu” (Our Time is Now). This multi-generation drama is set at the end of the Second World War and tells the story of a family that runs a successful restaurant.


Friday, May 7, 1945. The Second World War is over and a new era is upon us. Löwander family runs a prestigious restaurant in the heart of Stockholm’s nightlife district. The eldest son Gustaf, with sometimes dubious means succeeded in the restaurant business through the difficult years of war. What he wants now is to continue running the restaurant just the way it has always been run. The youngest daughter Nina, however, is eager to embrace the new, post-war opportunities and live a carefree privileged life. She starts to operate a nightclub in the restaurant’s banquet hall, when a kitchen boy Calle she is in love with turns her life upside down. When the middle son Peter returns home after the war, he realizes that the family’s restaurant is going through a difficult time. To save the decades of Löwander family’s work he needs to introduce drastic changes that new times require. The family matriarch, mother Helga, is facing a difficult task of keeping the family together and defending the restaurant’s position, while the society around them is dramatically changing. Restaurant’s future develops into an open conflict that cuts straight through the family.

This high-quality drama series will appeal to viewers of all ages, and this is why it is a genre MTG puts its bet on. The ground-breaking cooperation with SVT is the latest in a series of investments to produce original content for Viaplay.

‘We are proud to make this production with SVT as the network is behind some of the best drama series in the Nordics’, – says Jonas Karlen CEO of Viaplay.

The 20-episodes show is set to start production in May with the premier scheduled for autumn 2017 on SVT and autumn 2018 on Viaplay.

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