Robert Horvath


I joined MTG Creative in 2011 as a production assistant with no background in graphics design and a crazy passion for GFX and movies. Mechanical engineer by training, I started learning how to work with the software on my own, spending all of my free time on tutorials. It was hard but even more so it was fun and fulfilling. At MTG Creative we have an environment open to give talents an opportunity; I got mine pretty soon with my first freelance work and was later offered a job.

Ever since then I am pushed into territories I didn’t know existed, working with the ever changing workflows in the industry that’s changing so rapidly right in front of my eyes. I particularly love the technical aspect of graphics. Every day there’s new software, new tools, new plug-ins, new techniques –  we are learning constantly to always be one step ahead.

You can meet some bad-ass talent at MTG Creative, passionate, eager to create something extraordinary and learn from each other in the process.

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