Peter Nørrelund

Danish, born 1971

Peter was appointed CEO of DreamHack Sport Games in December 2019 in addition to his position as EVP of MTG. He previously served as Co-CEO of DreamHack from May 2018, EVP and CEO of MTG Sport from March 2016 and as COO of Turtle Entertainment from February 2017. Peter joined MTG in 2003 and headed up the Danish sports operations from 2004. He has been responsible for all sports rights acquisitions across the Group since 2006 and was appointed MTG Head of Sport in 2013. Peter has a degree in journalism from the Danish School of Media & Journalism, and prior to joining MTG he worked as a reporter, commentator, host and Editor in Chief at Danish public service broadcaster DR.

Direct or related person ownership: 19,455 (8,093) class B shares and 38,324 warrants of series 2019/2022 as per 31 December 2019.

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