Martin Mattsson


We are a team of engineers and project managers that ensures that MTG’s free-TV and pay-TV channels, as well as the third party channels that we distribute, reach our viewers in the best quality possible through satellite, fiber and internet. We ensure channels’ successful launch and its seamless functioning and work closely with both internal and external partners.

I studied film in LA and before joining MTG in 2012 I worked in film and advertising. Working in broadcasting allows me to apply my technical skills, while being involved in the industry I’ve been always so interested in.

What I enjoy the most about working for MTG Tech is that we are always striving to give MTG’s viewers excellent content experience by being the first to implement new technology, and our Ultra HD channel is a good example of that. MTG Tech is a very fast-paced environment where everyone is empowered to make decisions and move ahead, which gives it a competitive edge. As a person who has lived abroad in different countries for many years, I enjoy working with international offices and collaborate with teams across borders.

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