Louise Faerch


I joined MTG Creative in 2012 as a production assistant and since then had four different positions. Everything was new to me as I moved from doing HR and consultancy in Copenhagen to producing promos in London. Since then, I’ve become a go-to person for our creative and marketing teams as I’ve learned every aspect of what we do as a team, including what’s behind voicing, graphic design, video editing, post-production, filming on location and many more.

I’ve watched MTG Creative evolve from cutting promos for a number of local TV channels in the outskirts of London to delivering complex branding projects for MTG’s new digital businesses in our new office in West London. As MTG transforms from a traditional broadcaster to a global digital entertainer, we make sure that our creative teams develop new skills through regular masterclasses and practical workshops, where everyone can learn from each other, share knowledge and discover latest practices and techniques from external speakers and coaches.

We are a young, vibrant and down-to-earth team that brings great ideas to life through collaborative work process where everyone’s talent can shine.

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