Emmy Slinge


I am a technician that leads NOC, our Network Operation Centre. Our team manages infrastructure and ensures stable operation of the technical platform for Viasat and third-party operators that show our channels across Europe and the US.

When I started at MTG Tech in 2014, I had never worked with TV before, so a whole new world of broadcasting opened right in front of my eyes; there’s just so much that happens before you press that button in your living room! I’ve learnt a lot ever since and every day there’s still something new. At MTG Tech you get to work with large-scale enterprise systems with a lot of data – it’s a huge and exciting area to indulge in. You are surrounded by talented people, Sweden’s best in broadcast media. Most importantly, MTG Tech’s roles and projects are truly diverse. One day is not like the other in the NOC, and it’s this unpredictable mix that makes it so enjoyable.

Working for MTG is very special – we are a channel owner, we produce our own content, we transmit media in all kinds of ways (including via fiber, satellite and internet as well as to third party cable and terrestrial networks) and we have international offices that all work together every day. We are so spread out and still we manage to deliver high-class services. Often what we work on today will only reach the market in the future, so we truly are shaping the future of entertainment.

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