Anna Munkenberg


I joined MTG Creative in 2007, and what an exciting ride it’s been! I decided at a very young age that TV is what I want to do. My career kicked off in New York where I covered the tragic events of 9/11. Working for New York 1 News and Fox News Channel taught me how to produce a quality visual product fast. Before joining MTG as a senior producer I worked for MTV in Stockholm with long form programmes and set up the new production in Copenhagen.

Over the years, my passion for branding and promos evolved into a passion to be a creative leader. This passion is now my driving force in producing a truly original product and encouraging our creatives to experiment as we work with the broad variety of MTG’s brands and products.

MTG Creative is a multicultural team of passionate content creators with a broad range of skills recognised on the industry level. But most importantly, we are talented individuals who enjoy spending time together in and out of the office.

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