Team UK cleans up the Thames riverbank

August 17 2015

We all see rubbish in our daily lives, be it on the way to work, school, or just strolling down the street. But most people just choose to ignore it and keep walking; after all, what can you do? Well, team UK decided to take matters into their own hands this week and show that in just three hours, you can make a huge difference.

Thames 21 photo

In fact, after just one afternoon of litter picking a 50 m stretch of the Thames riverbank, they managed to fill up two huge cages of rubbish, including:

– 2 children’s pushchairs

– About 40+ items of clothing

– 7 traffic cones

– 2 chairs

– A fishing rod

– A tennis racket

The clean-up was organised by Thames 21, one of the UK’s leading waterway charities who work with communities across Greater London to clear rivers, canals, ponds and lakes of clutter for the benefit of people and wildlife.

The city’s river banks, which are exposed at low tide, are largely ignored by local councils who concentrate on the bit of land on either side of the water. Similarly, the port authority only focuses on the actual river, leaving a wide area uncared for with no one to clean it apart from Thames 21 and volunteers like our MTG UK team.

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