Managing the transformation of a traditional broadcaster into the leading global digital entertainer,
while growing sales and profits, and returning value to the shareholders.

Ambition and Vision

We are a global digital entertainer with an ambition to be the leading provider of new generation content experiences in the markets and segments we operate.

Since its foundation, MTG has been a forward-looking player in the Nordic and international entertainment markets, offering innovative products and services in free-TV, subscription TV and radio. We create great content and invest in new technology that enables our audiences to connect with entertainment they love like never before, anywhere and on any device.

In 2015 we entered new fast-growing online content categories, esports and digital video networks, that now give MTG direct access to young audiences internationally. In 2016 we added online gaming as the third vertical in digital entertainment portfolio, following our strategy to expand into new markets through developing scalable and relevant digital entertainment experiences.

At MTG, business culture is as important as a sound strategy, so we make sure that we live by our values, operate based on our core principles and offer responsible entertainment as we put corporate responsibility at the centre of everything that we do.

Core Businesses

We are driving performance in our Nordic and international entertainment and MTG Studios businesses by investing in our products development and content offer.

We invest in innovation and technology to gain market share and improve profitability across our brands and products. We stay at the industry digitisation forefront by developing online platforms like Viaplay and Viafree through improving user interface, adding features and building partnerships. We have the best Ultra HD offer in the Nordic market and develop breakthrough Virtual Reality experiences and a super fast broadband network.

We invest in our unrivaled premium sports rights and strengthen our portfolio of acquired content through innovative deals with international studios and distributors, while growing our own and co-produced content offer with the aim to be the leading supplier of original content in the Nordics.

Digital Businesses

We leverage our content portfolio in Nordic and international markets through advertising funded and subscription based digital services and enter new markets through MTGx‘s digital businesses.

 A pioneer in European OTT, Viaplay is offering an award-winning user interface, unrivaled content selection and diverse payment options. Viafree enables its advertisers to target audiences with precision using its bespoke programmatic ad platform, while enabling its users to access linear TV and web exclusives online free of charge.

MTGx is managing a portfolio of three distinct digital entertainment segments; esports (ESL and DreamHack), digital video networks (Zoomin.TV and Splay Networks), and online gaming (InnoGames). We are scaling existing digital businesses while selectively adding new ones based on how relevant they are for our viewers and what added value they bring to MTG’s brands and products.

Strategic Transformation

We have changed how we operate to move away from non-value creating assets to future proof assets, both organically and through M&A. In this continuous transformation we focus on four key areas:

  • The way we buy content. Through innovative content deals we improve content utilisation across as many of our channels and platforms as possible and its monetisation through diversified business models.
  • The way we are organised. A modern and agile corporate structure is set to enhance speed and efficiency in making decisions and implementing changes.
  • Our cost structures to enable investments.
  • Our portfolio management and capital allocation to focus resources.

We also continuously reinforce our corporate brand positioning in shaping the future of entertainment and connecting our audiences with the content they love.

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