STRIX success continues

September 5 2002


Modern Times Group MTG AB, the international media group, today
announced that STRIX television has continued its TV ratings success
with latest reality TV format, the dating show ‘Harem’. 29% of
television viewers over the age of 4 in France watched the final show in
the current run on leading French TV channel ‘M6’, entitled ‘Operation
Seduction’ and doubled M6’s average viewing numbers during this prime
time evening slot.

STRIX is currently producing or co-producing 14 reality TV series in 10
countries around the world, and is currently scheduled to produce 546
hours of television in 2002, compared to 472 hours last year.

STRIX’s interactive game show format ‘The Bar’ has continued its success
in South America, with new options sold for the Mexican and Chilean
markets. Licences or options have already been sold in Argentina,
Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. ‘The Bar’ has now been
broadcast in 12 countries around the world and licenced or optioned in
24 countries.

STRIX has also now developed a strong presence in the emerging Eastern
European markets, with the formats sold to 7 countries. ‘The Bar’ has
been signed up for second seasons on both Polish and Hungarian
television, having enjoyed outstanding first seasons. The format
averaged 2.25 million viewers per show in Poland and comprehensively
outperformed its ‘Big Brother’ rival. STRIX has now co-produced the
second season of the established ‘Survivor’ format with Russia’s largest
TV channel, ORT, and has sold licences to its ’24 Hours’ and ‘Harem’
formats to be aired this Fall on the CTC channel in Russia, which is
part-owned by MTG. A version of the new ‘Harem’ format has also been
produced for the Ukrainian market.

STRIX has produced or co-produced the award-winning ‘Expedition
Robinson’ (Survivor) format for a record nine countries in 2002, all of
which series have been filmed on location in Malaysia by the STRIX
production team.

The new STRIX back to nature format ‘The Farm’ has enjoyed similar
success and been sold to 10 countries including the French, Greek and US
markets. A second season of the series has been commissioned in Sweden
after the format emerged as the winner in head to head ratings wars with
‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ and ‘Gladiators’. Meanwhile, ‘The Farm’
achieved an unparalleled 65% share of viewing during its first season
run in Norway. As a result, a pan-Baltic version of the format is
currently being produced by STRIX for broadcasting on MTG’s Viasat TV3
channels in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Viasat3 in Hungary is also
producing a version of the format.

Hans-Holger Albrecht, President and CEO of MTG, commented: “STRIX has
successfully globalised the reality TV phenomenon, introducing
established formats into new markets and pioneering a portfolio of
massively popular new formats. There are further formats in the pipeline
for presentation this Fall and the level of interest from around the
world continues to grow”.

For further information, please visit, email, or
Hans-Holger Albrecht, President & CEO tel: +46 (0) 8 562 000 50
Investor & Press Relations tel: +44 (0) 20 7321 5010

Modern Times Group, MTG AB has six business areas: Viasat Broadcasting
(Free-to-air and pay-TV channels in nine countries, and the new media
businesses – teletext operations and the Everyday interactive TV,
internet and mobile portals), Radio (local and national networks in five
countries), Publishing (financial news and information services), Modern
Interactive (home shopping, e-commerce and logistics), SDI Media
(subtitling and dubbing services), and Modern Studios (content
production and rights library).

Modern Times Group MTG AB’s class A and B shares are listed on the
Stockholmsbörsen O-list (symbols: MTGA and MTGB) and ADRs are listed on
the NASDAQ National Market (symbol: MTGNY).

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