MTG to broadcast TV3 across 19 regions in Sweden

February 27 2012

Modern Times Group MTG AB (publ.) (‘MTG’ or ‘the Group’), the international entertainment broadcasting group, today announced that it is increasing the number of regional broadcasts for its TV3 free-TV channel in Sweden from 6 to 19 today. The same programming content is broadcast across all of the regions but separate advertising has now been included in each regional broadcast. MTG has also combined its advertising sales forces to offer a unique and powerful combination of TV, Radio and online advertising for the national, regional and local market customers.

The launch reflects MTG´s focus on delivering even greater value to its advertising customers by enabling them to purchase regionally specific advertising and to buy a unique blend of different media that reach a higher proportion of their target audiences throughout the day. Regional advertising in Sweden accounted for approximately half of the SEK 28 billion total annual advertising media spend in 2010 according to the IRM Institute for Advertising and Media Statistics. This regional market has historically been dominated by print media, with TV only accounting for approximately 5% of the market in 2010.

The launch of the 19 broadcasting regions follows the merger of MTG’s TV, Radio and online advertising sales forces into one unit in 2011. This enables MTG’s Swedish multi-channel media house to offer national, regional, and local advertising airtime across all three media types on either a combined or separate basis. The packaged sales offering includes TV3, MTG radio stations RIX FM and Bandit, as well as the TV3 Play, TV6 Play and TV8 Play online catch-up TV services.

Hans-Holger Albrecht, President and CEO of MTG, commented: “We announced this initiative in May last year and have been preparing for it since, by restructuring our sales teams and implementing the necessary technical and organisational changes. Not only has this local and regional advertising market been dominated by print media in the past, but the small TV share of the market has also been dominated by the incumbent broadcaster. This structure is like the national TV advertising market of years gone by and we are determined to change it to be more in line with a recognisable modern media market. Furthermore, the packaging of our media and combining of our sales forces offers advertisers a unique and game changing reach in drive time, day time and prime time, which reflects the way in which people are increasingly consuming media.”

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