Changes in amount of issued and outstanding shares

June 30 2011

Modern Times Group MTG AB (publ.) (‘MTG’ or ‘the Group’), the international entertainment broadcasting group, today announced that the Group’s total number of issued shares has increased from 67,407,124 to 67,647,124 during June, as a result of the issue and repurchase of 240,000 Class C shares on 15 June 2011. The Group’s total number of outstanding shares has increased from 66,342,124 to 66,403,237 as a result of the distribution of 61,113 Class B shares to participants in the Group’s 2008 long term incentive programme at the end of April.

The total number of issued and outstanding Class A shares remains unchanged at 6,410,852. The total number of issued Class B shares remains unchanged at 60,371,272, whilst the total number of outstanding Class B shares has increased to 59,992,385, following the distribution of Class B shares mentioned above. MTG holds a total of 378,887 Class B shares and all of the 865,000 issued Class C shares as treasury shares.

Each Class A share carries ten voting rights and each Class B and Class C share has one voting right. Class C shareholders are not entitled to dividend payments. The total number of voting rights has increased from 125,104,792 to 125,344,792 during June, whilst the total number of votes excluding treasury shares held by MTG amounts to 124,100,905. The total share capital has increased from SEK 337,035,620 to SEK 338,235,620.

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