MTG’s 2015 CDP ranking revealed

November 12 2015

Earlier this year, we completed the annual request for information from CDP, the NGO which has become the most widely accepted forum in which to report on corporate climate change mitigation strategies. The results are now in and our CDP score for 2015 is 95C.

CDP scores are split into two sections constituting a “disclosure score” and a “performance score”. The disclosure score, which ranges from 1-100, assesses the level of detail and comprehensiveness in a disclosure, and the “performance score”, which range from bands A-E, assesses the level of action taken to combat climate change. So in our case, we scored a disclosure score of 95 and a performance score of C. That means, compared to our 2014 score of 90B, the quality of our submitted data has improved, but the level of action taken on climate change evidenced in our CDP response has slipped slightly.

95C is still a very solid result though and we remain committed to our environmental agenda, which has seen us reduce our energy consumption per employee by more than 30% since 2010, despite rapid organisational expansion. We will also continue to engage our local and global communities in green issues and give environmental groups a voice though our media platform.

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