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One of the leading international developers and publishers of browser and mobile games.


MTGx works with developers, publishers and gaming communities to create and develop browser and mobile games with players at their centre.

MTGx is continuously innovating and strengthening its position as a first party game developer across multiple platforms, including browser, mobile and tablet apps, Steam and Xbox.


With 400 employees from 30 nations, InnoGames is Germany’s leading developer and provider of mobile and online games like Forge of Empires, Elvenar and Tribal Wars. Founded in 2007, InnoGames’ complete portfolio encompasses six live games and several mobile titles in production. 


Kongregate is a leading US-based developer and publisher of browser, mobile, PC and console games in multiple genres, including strategy, action, adventure (RPG) and sports. Founded in 2006, Kongregate has published over 100,000 titles on its own web platform and has reached a milestone of 100 million mobile downloads. After successful expansion to Steam and mobile, Kongregate continues the momentum by investing in console game development in the bid to offer multi-platform game experiences.

Kongregate’s free-to-play games have strong Google Play and App Store featuring and include hits like The Trail, Animation Throwdown and BattleHand.

In 2017 Kongregate launched its first Xbox One title, GRIDD: Retroenhanced, also available on Steam.


In 2018, Kongregate announced the launch of its new PC gaming platform and marketplace, Kartridge, that empowers independent game developers to publish their games for free and reach new online audiences through personalised showcase pages. Leveraging their experience as a publisher and a 10+ years history in running a games portal, Kongregate has built a platform dedicated to helping indie games succeed.

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