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Areas of Expertise


From the very start of MTG’s story, MTG Tech has enabled millions of viewers to enjoy the content they love. All those movie nights with your family, the Premier League weekends with friends and the Rio Olympics closing ceremony in 360 immersive experience are enabled by MTG Tech.

With a broad spectrum of tech expertise ranging from product development and content distribution to cloud computing and enterprise systems, MTG Tech operates as the central technology and innovation hub for MTG’s Free-TV and Subscription TV.

This includes building TV studios and playout centres, managing large-scale distribution networks via satellite, fiber and OTT, as well as developing next generation technology and products in TV, broadband and telephony. MTG Tech also runs provisioning and billing of MTG’s subscription TV and manages the Group’s enterprise IT platform and web technology.

As part of MTG’s digital transformation, MTG Tech is constantly challenging the status quo by driving projects that enable viewers to experience content in new ways and on new platforms.

Where we are Going

As we work at the intersection of content and technology, MTG Tech’s mission is two-sided.

MTG Tech empowers content creators by providing the technology and products that open new horizons and possibilities for storytelling.

MTG Tech empowers audiences with the technology and products that connect them with the content they love, whenever and wherever, on any device.

Our ambition is to deliver the best technology and content experience today and to drive innovation that shapes the entertainment of tomorrow.

Virtual Reality

In 2016 in partnership with Samsung, MTG Tech released its first 360-degree video app, Viasat Sport 360, which brought audiences in Sweden closer to the Olympic Games than ever before with almost 100 hours of selected live sports from Rio 2016.

In 2017, MTG Tech launched Viareal, a dedicated VR app available on iOS, Android and Oculus Gear VR across the Nordics. Viareal’s exclusive experiences include extensions to our popular TV-shows, ESL’s and DreamHack’s esports events and major sports tournaments, including UEFA Champions League Final.

Stand-alone experiences

With our own dedicated development team and with the help of outsourced production companies, MTG Tech creates new immersive first-person experiences and interactive stories.


MTG Tech develops extensions to our popular TV shows in the Nordics, so that our viewers could spend more time with their favourite characters, including The Bravest (Sveriges Modigaste) experiences that provide a 360 view of the Malta house, Paradise Hotel’s exotic set, The Parneviks and many more.



With MTG Sport at the forefront of sports storytelling in the Nordics, we are passionate about providing our viewers with more ways to experience historic moments and connect with sports personas. Whether it’s boxing or women’s handball, tournament highlights or a glimpse of backstage, MTG Tech amplifies the best sports stories by creating the sense of presence.



ESL and DreamHack offer 14 mega events in VR in 2017, including ESL One and the Intel Extreme Masters series, DreamHack’s DreamLeague, DreamHack ASTRO Open and DreamHack Masters, and showcase live replays and stats to millions of esports fans worldwide.

Ultra HD

In 2016 MTG Tech launched the Ultra HD set-top box and the first Ultra HD channel in the Nordics in partnership with Samsung and SES.

Viasat Ultra HD compact set-top box with built-in wi-fi offers market’s best 4K quality for movies and sports in the newly designed high resolution user interface with faster than ever navigation and on-demand downloads.

Viasat Ultra HD channel started with covering live events from Rio 2016 Olympic Games and is now showing Premier League, Champions League, Serie A, NHL and La Liga live events in a stunning 4K (UHD) video quality across Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. One of the most live content intensive Ultra HD channels in Europe, Viasat Ultra HD is a combination of breakthrough technology and unrivaled content portfolio that together create the next generation TV experience.

MTG is building the Ultra HD market together with other leading companies in this space to lower the barriers for viewers and provide most immersive drama and sports experience available to date.

Fibre Broadband

In 2016 MTG Tech enabled the first broadband subscription sold under MTG’s own management in Sweden. MTG’s next generation broadband network not only allows our customers to access the best of the internet, but also ensures a more reliable delivery of MTG media that our viewers can enjoy in the best way and quality.

Reaching over 1 million households in Sweden, broadband is part of the Viasat’s dual or triple play bundles that also offer TV and telephony as part of various packages.

Get to know MTG Tech team


Shilu Shrestha, Developer


Part of the Development team, I am working with Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) system used by Viasat and Viaplay, which means its maintenance, support and adding new features.

I hold a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Sweden and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Nepal, and I joined MTG Tech as a Software Developer in April 2015.

For a developer that I am, the main advantage of working at MTG Tech is that everyone in the team is open to try new technology and that our team has a very flat organisation with not much hierarchy. We can play with ideas and improvise with the legacy systems, which keeps us interested and motivated every day. Swapping development teams between many projects that we run brings novelty and change that are so important when trying something new, while being always open to other programming languages.

Even though we mostly work with the code, being a good communicator is essential in the place as innovative as MTG Tech. We have an after work catch-up every month to bounce off ideas and get to know each other, which ensures that we always openly share our thoughts.

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Viktor Ängmo, Head of Product (Virtual Reality)


Our product team focuses on continuously improving how our audiences experience MTG’s content. Changing buttons layout on the remote control, managing your web account or improving our VR app are just some of the functions performed by us. 

I joined MTG as a Management Trainee in 2014 after graduating from University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. Broadcasting media is going through such a rapid disruption process that I felt compelled to be a part of it. In the time I’ve been working on business development at MTG Tech I got a lot of freedom to develop new business ideas and kick start new projects. 

Much of what we do at MTG Tech is developing partnerships. We collaborate with other tech suppliers and creators and form meaningful synergies that help us to be faster in innovating by tying together MTG’s media ecosystem with content, distribution and devices.

Whether you are great in building partnerships, business development, procurement or tech market analysis and strategy, at MTG Tech it all comes down to your imagination and seeing opportunities. If you are a forward-thinking user of devices who is interested in tech trends, then MTG Tech is the place for you.


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Emmy Slinge, Team lead NOC and Broadcast Support Engineer


I am a technician that leads NOC, our Network Operation Centre. Our team manages infrastructure and ensures stable operation of the technical platform for Viasat and third-party operators that show our channels across Europe and the US.

When I started at MTG Tech in 2014, I had never worked with TV before, so a whole new world of broadcasting opened right in front of my eyes; there’s just so much that happens before you press that button in your living room! I’ve learnt a lot ever since and every day there’s still something new. At MTG Tech you get to work with large-scale enterprise systems with a lot of data – it’s a huge and exciting area to indulge in. You are surrounded by talented people, Sweden’s best in broadcast media. Most importantly, MTG Tech’s roles and projects are truly diverse. One day is not like the other in the NOC, and it’s this unpredictable mix that makes it so enjoyable.

Working for MTG is very special – we are a channel owner, we produce our own content, we transmit media in all kinds of ways (including via fiber, satellite and internet as well as to third party cable and terrestrial networks) and we have international offices that all work together every day. We are so spread out and still we manage to deliver high-class services. Often what we work on today will only reach the market in the future, so we truly are shaping the future of entertainment.

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Martin Mattsson, DTH Distribution Manager


We are a team of engineers and project managers that ensures that MTG’s free-TV and pay-TV channels, as well as the third party channels that we distribute, reach our viewers in the best quality possible through satellite, fiber and internet. We ensure channels’ successful launch and its seamless functioning and work closely with both internal and external partners.

I studied film in LA and before joining MTG in 2012 I worked in film and advertising. Working in broadcasting allows me to apply my technical skills, while being involved in the industry I’ve been always so interested in.

What I enjoy the most about working for MTG Tech is that we are always striving to give MTG’s viewers excellent content experience by being the first to implement new technology, and our Ultra HD channel is a good example of that. MTG Tech is a very fast-paced environment where everyone is empowered to make decisions and move ahead, which gives it a competitive edge. As a person who has lived abroad in different countries for many years, I enjoy working with international offices and collaborate with teams across borders.

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