MTG Sweden CEO Anders Jensen is raising awareness around diabetes

October 3 2017

On World Diabetes Day November 14, MTG in Sweden will be bringing viewers the country’s first ever TV fundraiser for diabetes together with the Swedish Diabetes Association (Diabetesförbundet) raising money to the Diabetes Foundation (Diabetesfonden).

MTG’s engagement in increasing the general awareness around this disease through a documentary and a gala was initiated by Anders Jensen, EVP, chairman of the Nordic Entertainment Board and CEO of MTG Sweden. Ten years ago, his son Oliver fell dramatically ill and was diagnosed with diabetes type 1, something that changed the family’s life over night. Since then Oliver has, like many others living with diabetes, been fighting against ignorance and prejudice surrounding this condition that is affecting so many people’s life’s. Now he wants to share his experience to make a positive difference to all of those struggling with their diabetes. Take a minute to listen to Oliver’s story.

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