Creative Studio

Our award-winning central in-house creative agency.


Creative Studio is a creative production team that’s behind our multi-region campaigns that promote our contentbrand and products.

Based in London, Creative Studio works with the industry’s best creative producers, graphic designers, sound engineers, voice over artists and experts in branding and post production. Together, the team delivers truly original, award-winning work across TV, radio, digital and outdoor.

A vibrant multi-national working environment, Creative Studio encourages their teams to try new techniques, experiment with production software and learn from each other.

Continuous learning is the main driver of Creative Studio’s success, so their teams benefit from regular workshops in filming, light, grading, pitching, social media engagement and more.



Sports channel re-brand in Norway.


Re-brand for one of our leading free-TV brands for male audiences in Sweden.


Award-winning Christmas ident for Denmark, shot in-house in stop-motion with everything in the frame created using our in-house 3D printer.


Award-winning Easter ident for Denmark.

Viasat Film

Award-winning animated Christmas ident for one of our leading pay-TV channels.


Brand video for the world’s leading esports company.


NRJ Radio

A spot for NRJ, a ridiculously good radio station in Norway.

Viasat Sport Premium

New football season launch in Sweden.

Rio 2016 launch on Viasat

Launch campaign for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.


Summer on Viasat

Sales anti-churn reel.

American Crime Story launch on TV6

Promax-nominated launch promo.

TV3 Sport

Award-winning brand spot for Denmark’s leading sports channel.

Simpsons on 3+

Promo for the male skewed channel in Denmark.


Viasat Sport Premium

Rich media canvas for a new TV channel launch in the Nordics.

Viasat Film

A 360 Christmas Calendar for Facebook.


A chatbot for TV6 re-brand campaign.

Opening Sequences

Elven (The River)

Opening title for TV3’s own production in Norway.

Lyxfällan (The Luxury Trap)

Opening title for TV3’s show in Sweden.


Anna Munkenberg VP Creative


I joined MTG Creative in 2007, and what an exciting ride it’s been! I decided at a very young age that TV is what I want to do. My career kicked off in New York where I covered the tragic events of 9/11. Working for New York 1 News and Fox News Channel taught me how to produce a quality visual product fast. Before joining MTG as a senior producer I worked for MTV in Stockholm with long form programmes and set up the new production in Copenhagen.

Over the years, my passion for branding and promos evolved into a passion to be a creative leader. This passion is now my driving force in producing a truly original product and encouraging our creatives to experiment as we work with the broad variety of MTG’s brands and products.

MTG Creative is a multicultural team of passionate content creators with a broad range of skills recognised on the industry level. But most importantly, we are talented individuals who enjoy spending time together in and out of the office.

Daniel 'Danny' Fox Graphics Operator


Back in 2010 when I joined, dynamic branding was completely new. It was largely manual and inflexible, which pushed us to learn fast as we went along. Today it’s fully automated and we have a lot more knowledge in-house. We are now much more ambitious with our projects and can cater for any design idea, which takes the client experience to a whole new level.

MTG Creative has now become a one-stop-shop for re-brand campaigns and complex live features, like live betting and live social media campaigns. Live betting is particularly great for important sports events, such as Champions League, enabling us to provide viewers with the odds data in real time. Social media campaigns allow us to bring extra revenue streams with clients like Coca-Cola who can insert their live social media streams on air next to popular shows.

What I like the most in what I do is overcoming challenges. If someone tells me that something is not possible I will find a way to make it possible. As long as you have patience, a keen eye for detail, a solid technical knowledge and good trouble shooting skills, you will be able to overcome any obstacle.

What I love about MTG Creative is the Scandinavian work-life approach. It’s very laid back and supportive. Being part of the international team encouraged me to learn about different countries and cultures, which really helps when working with international clients.

Louise Faerch Head of Production


I joined MTG Creative in 2012 as a production assistant and since then had four different positions. Everything was new to me as I moved from doing HR and consultancy in Copenhagen to producing promos in London. Since then, I’ve become a go-to person for our creative and marketing teams as I’ve learned every aspect of what we do as a team, including what’s behind voicing, graphic design, video editing, post-production, filming on location and many more.

I’ve watched MTG Creative evolve from cutting promos for a number of local TV channels in the outskirts of London to delivering complex branding projects for MTG’s new digital businesses in our new office in West London. As MTG transforms from a traditional broadcaster to a global digital entertainer, we make sure that our creative teams develop new skills through regular masterclasses and practical workshops, where everyone can learn from each other, share knowledge and discover latest practices and techniques from external speakers and coaches.

We are a young, vibrant and down-to-earth team that brings great ideas to life through collaborative work process where everyone’s talent can shine.

Robert Horvath Motion Graphic Designer


I joined MTG Creative in 2011 as a production assistant with no background in graphics design and a crazy passion for GFX and movies. Mechanical engineer by training, I started learning how to work with the software on my own, spending all of my free time on tutorials. It was hard but even more so it was fun and fulfilling. At MTG Creative we have an environment open to give talents an opportunity; I got mine pretty soon with my first freelance work and was later offered a job.

Ever since then I am pushed into territories I didn’t know existed, working with the ever changing workflows in the industry that’s changing so rapidly right in front of my eyes. I particularly love the technical aspect of graphics. Every day there’s new software, new tools, new plug-ins, new techniques –  we are learning constantly to always be one step ahead.

You can meet some bad-ass talent at MTG Creative, passionate, eager to create something extraordinary and learn from each other in the process.

Geoff Trodd Senior Creative


I’m new to the department as I only joined last year, bringing a wealth of broadcasting and advertising experience to a very fast-paced, ambitious and inventive team that has a great diversity of skills under one roof. MTG Creative has a great attitude and culture that provide freedom to develop and encourage doing things differently and making decisions on the spot.

We all have a hunger to do high-end work on any scale. We do everything from copy writing, graphic and 3D design to animation and filming through our in-house film unit. To succeed in the ever changing media business you’ve got to show initiative, be tenacious and  never give up. It’s all about the right mindset and the ability to transform a business requirement into a creative solution.

You always need to reach for more. Branded content for big clients would be my personal ambition – why not working with banking, or retail, or moto? There’s a room to grow and we have everything it takes to scale and expand rapidly.

27 Gold, 28 Silver, 17 Bronze 


Since 2010, our Creative Studio has won a great number of PromaxBDA awards across World, UK and Europe, including the prestigious ‘In-House Marketing Team of the Year’ Grand Prix in 2012.

Our Creative Studio also won 3 Creativity Awards in the US in 2016.

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