Congratulations to our social entrepreneurs Georgios and Arkan

June 11 2015

Congratulations to our Swedish Game Changer Georgios Karpathakis (Underbara ADHD) and Arkan Asaad (Right 2 Choose) who have been asked to host “Sommar” (Summer), one of the most popular shows to ever hit Swedish radio.

“Sommar” has been going since 1959 and the concept is simple but effective. The show runs weekly from mid-June to mid-August and each episode is hosted by a different person of public interest. This person is free talk about anything he or she wants and pick whatever tunes they like during the 60 minute show.


Being asked to host “Sommar” is a great honour, so much so that it’s been compared to receiving a knighthood in Sweden. So it’s safe to say that it’s a pretty big deal! Previous hosts include Astrid Lindgren, Ingmar Bergman, Ingvar Kamprad, Daniel Ek, KayPollack and PewDiePie to name but a great few. Amazing result, guys! We’ll be tuning in for sure.

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